DIY Seed Starter Pots from Toilet Paper Rolls

Winter is slowly fading away and soon snows will melt and it will be time to plant our gardens. If you prefer to start plants from seed consider making easy seed starter pots from cardboard toilet paper tubes—they’re simple to make, biodegradable, and you already have the raw materials on hand.

YouTube user CanarsieBK shows that by making a few scissor cuts, the average toilet paper roll can serve well as a biodegradable seed pot. As shown in the video above, make four vertical cuts that go halfway down the length of the roll and fold those four cut tabs down to form the bottom of the pot. Add your soil and seed and you can plant them directly. The cardboard will break down and become part of the soil.

How To Use Toilet Paper Rolls To Make Seed Starter Pots | YouTube

via Lifehacker