Bad Product Idea #12: BeDoodlers Sleepy-Time Skin Markers (For Adults)


BeDoodlers Sleepy-Time Skin Markers for Adult Funny Bad Product Idea

Picture it. The little ones have finally stopped talking and moving and mess-making and… needing. They’re finally sleeping like the rocks you now feel like you’ve been bombarded with. But after the kid-valanche, things can seem startlingly slow. A little boring even.

Don’t turn to a screen to chill out and wind down, though. BeDoodle your sleeping kid!

BeDoodlers Sleepy-Time Skin Markers can open up a world of fun and creativity! You can draw whatever you like; this isn’t a snobby art class. BeDoodle their faces with swirls or shapes or facial hair or pictures of what you think the little whippersnappers might be dreaming about. Make them into a favorite animal or super hero!

Now, before you climb up on a porch to shake your cane from, and shout, “How could you?” Let me answer with another question: “How could you NOT!?!” C’mon! Most of the little goobers will do it to themselves in a microsecond’s eyelash if left alone within arms reach of some writing tool or other. So, relax and enjoy. BeDoodle!

Also, with BeDoodlers, you can even leave messages and reminders for your kids when they wake! If they miss it in the mirror, one of their schoolmates is sure to clue them in. And believe me, a child is going to experience a uniquely powerful form of motivation when a friend of theirs says something like, “Whoa! It says “take out the trash” all over your face!”

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