We Live In A World Where This Towering Feat Of Meat, Cheese & Bloody Mary Only Costs $5

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Hello, lover.

Hello, lover.

Full disclosure, before we get to the good stuff: I am originally from Wisconsin.* That being said, I have firsthand, personal, gustatory knowledge of how much Wisconsinites love their cheese, meats and booze and I can tell you, everything you’ve heard is true. So of course, of course this towering feat of Bloody Mary goodness hails from that state — and it only costs $5.

According to Gitte Laasby over at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the hangover cure turned potential hangover creator features a carefully stacked and skewered array of ingredients: popcorn, various pickles, sausages, tortilla chips (with cheese, natch) bacon, peanuts, beans, string cheese (that tubular looking thing) sausage, pretzel, sliders (with cheese, natch, again), a pickle and a cracker and a cheese curd because, cheese.

And also a Milwaukee Brewers flag because team pride is the best side dish for all that food consumption, obviously.

For those readers finding themselves stricken with the unrelenting desire to get your mouth on this monument to excess and indulgence, the Bloody Mary can only be found at a restaurant outside of Milwaukee, in Fond du Lac, on the first Sunday of every month starting at 11:30 a.m. Make sure to schedule a recover nap into that day’s events, y’all.

I tried reaching out to the pub to get some more info (exact number of ingredients? Mastermind?), on this alleged Bloody Mary, but their listed number appears to be not working. If you work there and you’re reading this, or if you’re a customer who’s made the pilgrimage, feel free to email me at tips@consumerist.com. I’ll be waiting (either that or I’ll beg my parents to investigate this weekend).

*A fact which much aggrieves my Chicago-born colleague. Don’t make us talk team pride during football season.

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