My Husband Failed To Properly Honor Me With His Father’s Day Present

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Miss Manners, 15 June 2013:

DEAR MISS MANNERS: My husband and I have been married 12 1/2 years. He once lost his original wedding band, and we got another one. (Maybe 10-plus years ago — a while back.) Today, he “surprised” me with his Father’s Day gift of a new wedding band. His replaced one had gotten too small and needed to be resized.

Obviously, the salesman was a good one. Truth is, I love it — it’s just perfect — but I feel like I should have been a part of it. The kids (we have three) had been telling me there was a surprise for me at home. That’s what the surprise was. He bought himself a new wedding band. For Father’s Day, no less. I feel awful for being upset with him. He says, “Why are you upset? This is the ring I wear and shows that I love you.”

Gentle Reader,

How sad that a greedy salesman could so easily dupe your husband into expressing his commitment to his family in a way that you think didn’t properly put you, the most important person in the universe, at the center—and on Father’s Day, no less, the day when you as a mom deserve special recognition!

Unfortunately, your husband can’t go back in time and not be the kind of careless jerk who arranges surprise gifts for the people he loves most in the world without their express preliminary approval. The troubling truth is that your husband decided a replacement wedding band he picked out himself was better than not wearing one at all, and that says alot about where his priorities are.

Here’s hoping that next year, your husband spends a little more time thinking about how you’re going to feel about the Father’s Day presents he has to buy himself.

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