Needs To Tamp Down His Immaturity

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from Bad customer service, bosses and co-workers – Not Always Working.

Convenience Store | Northville, MI, USA

(I’m at the register and buying tampons. When the clerk rings me up, he picks up them up with the tips of his fingers, like they are covered in poison, and makes a disgusted face.)

Clerk: “Do you want a bag for these?”

Me: “No thanks, I’ll just put them in my—”

Clerk: *winces, squeals and claps his hands over his ears*

Me: “—in my PURSE. PURSE. Jeez, dude!”

(He breathes a deep sigh of relief. I get out of there as fast as I can. I didn’t see him there the next time; apparently he couldn’t cope with handling feminine products!)